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     Marketing / Social Media 

Travel management

Languages: English/Portuguese

Event management

Finances and Accountancy

Information Technology

Project management

Motivation and leadership

Conflict management

NLP and Emotional Intelligence

Career strategic planning


Content production / review

Process management

Strategic planning

People management

Market trends

Innovation and creativity

Customer Success and UX

With our online on demand training programs you choose what you want to study! Click here and request more information or follow our calendar of events for the next trainings and webinars!

 Cursos 100% práticos e personalizados, presenciais ou online.

In the era of technological and information innovations, the Executive Assistant professional must, more than ever, keep updated, with an entrepreneurial, curious and innovative mentality.

We are here to assist you with your education development plan!


On-demand training through dynamic classes and workshops. Digital material included. Choose the right kind of skills-based courses to meet your current and evolving needs. Immersions on weekends (Saturday and / or Sunday in 4, 6 or 12 hours). Individual or for groups.

Course dynamics

Face-to-face training in virtual offices in any city in Brazil. Training room equipped with projector, white board, wi-fi internet, and comfortable furniture. Coffee break included. Online training through virtual teaching platform with digital board, chat, video conference, interactivity, file sharing and discussion forum wherever you are.

Tools and Resources

Access to extensive materials: Articles, videos, e-books, podcasts, tutorials, etc. each designed to help you improve and expand your skills;

In addition to on-demand training, we offer 60 minute interactive monthly webinars (with special discounts for alumni) on topics you choose! Through input from constant research, we develop skill-based topics that are most relevant to your current needs, growth, and success.

Monthly Webinars

Regular content update

Access ongoing updates to our most popular and on-demand training programs so you can keep your skills sharp.

Access a community of entrepreneurs and professionals to discuss business topics and share successful caes, as well as tools and resources among themselves. Linkedin's private group is personally moderated by our CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Damiana Alves, along with other incredible mentors who have extensive industry experience! You will be in good hands in our community.

Conectivity and Networking

Free follow up

Get mentorship and coaching for a whole month after your training! Ask questions on the topics covered in your training through email or Skype.

Payment and Investiment

Custom and on-demand training is calculated according to the course dynamics and amount of hours and participants. Click here and request a budget! Values for webinars and Monthly Training will be announced on its pre-release! Online payment by credit card or through Pay Pal.


 Damiana Alves | Training and executive assistant services

100% custom and hands on courses. Online or in company.

Learn more about the founder of the Executive Assistant Online, who operates locally in Brazil, and offering the same services online for the rest of the world for English speakers.

Passionate about technology, management and innovation, an entrepreneur with vast experience in the areas of administration, finance, management, education, training and development, +7 years experience as an executive assistant to C-suite executives, directors and managers in multinational companies in Technology, Finance, Arts and Education.



Writer, teacher and speaker for Admin professionals and Executive Assistants. MBA in Business Administration. Fluent in English with international certification (University of Michigan and Cambridge). Graduated in Accountancy and English language teaching. Post graduated in Education Technology and Distance Learning, +10 years  experience with online and face-to-face classes for executives. 


Research and current studies include technology, innovation, people management, emotional skills, NLP and coaching.

Ok, that's my formal CV. But how did I get here? What mistakes I've made and what have I learned? How many horses have I trained at the Horse University and how is this relevant to the present? Click here and read about my transformation journey!


"I know that I know nothing, and knowing this, puts me in advantage over those who think that know something."

Make your choice and start your transformation, growth and professional success journey!

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