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With the fourth industrial revolution of the technology and information era, the Executive Assistant Online emerged into the market to  show the potential ​​of the Executive Asssistant professional as a valuable business partner, highly trained and equipped with cognitive and emotional skills, bringing creativity, innovation and ethics; essential characteristics for executives who need to delegate their tasks with the confidence that they will be performed with mastery and due confidentiality.



Our mission is to offer online executive consulting services, as well as to promote the training and continuous professional development of the Administrative professional, towards excellence and appreciation of the profession.

Our values ​​include collaboration and empathy, autonomy and innovation, ethics and excellence.

Learn more about the founder of the Executive Assistant Online, who operates locally in Brazil, and offering the same services online for the rest of the world for English speakers.

Passionate about technology, management and innovation, an entrepreneur with vast experience in the areas of administration, finance, management, education, training and development, +7 years experience as an executive assistant to C-suite executives, directors and managers in multinational companies in Technology, Finance, Arts and Education.



Writer, teacher and speaker for Admin professionals and Executive Assistants. MBA in Business Administration. Fluent in English with international certification (University of Michigan and Cambridge). Graduated in Accountancy and English language teaching. Post graduated in Education Technology and Distance Learning, +10 years  experience with online and face-to-face classes for executives. 


Research and current studies include technology, innovation, people management, emotional skills, NLP and coaching.

Ok, that's my formal CV. But how did I get here? What mistakes I've made and what have I learned? How many horses have I trained at the Horse University and how is this relevant to the present? Click here and read about my transformation journey!



 Damiana Alves | Training and virtual assistant services

"Focus on what you are good at. Delegate all the rest.
 Steve Jobs


Astrid Rizzi, CEO

I am greatly impressed by Damiana´s professional capabilities besides her knowledge of the English language. Having been an English teacher at the Cultura Inglesa confirms that she is perfectly fluent in this language. I am certain that any English speaking executive requiring a first class assistant would find in Damina the perfect person to hire. She is highly creative, organized and a very pro-active professional who takes her any work she wants to carry out most seriously. I wish her all the very best of success she deserves.

Fausto Almeida, Head of Client Success

I worked with Damiana during a very challenging period of the company. I can attest that she was a valuable resource in organizing the activities related to her position. She also served the executive team and I can assure that everything was flawless. I strongly recommend.

Fábio Monteiro, Business Analysis and Project Manager

Damiana was instrumental in the planning and execution of every detail of traveling.
She was able to work within short lead times and handled requests for change very quickly. 
She was always willing to help and assist with anything that was asked of her as real team player. 
She is always looking for ways to increase her knowledge so she can be more effective at her position. 
Her creativity and positive attitude would definitely be an asset to any organization.






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