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High production capacity combined with agility and quality

Production of dozens of pages every month, in English - Portuguese pairs, with efficient quality assurance and an excellent price policy.


 Damiana Alves | Training and virtual assistant services

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We offer the most complete range of multilingual services



curso de administração e organização

     Marketing and Publicity

curso de marketing digital, mídias sociais

Tourism and Travel

curso de gestão de viagens

Business management

curso de  planejamento e transição de carreira

Online event management

curso de gestão de eventos online

Accountancy and Finances

curso de contabilidade e finanças

Information Technology

curso de tecnologia da informaçã


curso de  gestão de processos
curso de  liderança e motivação

E - books

curso de inteligência emocional


curso de produção e revisão de conteúdo


curso de  empreendedorismo

Science and Medical

Technical Translation

Technical and scientific translations of large-scale literature in the most diverse areas within record deadlines.

Globalization has intensified the demands for translation services, requiring better specialization, technical standardization and technological support. We offer translation services in Portuguese - English pairs, with a production capacity of hundreds of pages or thousands of words per month.

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Novel Translation

For the novel translation to be assertive and the translated version of a book to remain true to the original, it is necessary for the translation professional to be fluent in both languages, have in-depth knowledge of the subject covered in the book and, in the case of fictional works, be familiar with customs and regionalities typical of the region where the story takes place.

It is essential that a close relationship be built between the author and the translator, so that the final result is satisfactory. In addition to translating the book content, the translator will need to make the necessary adaptations so that the text is also attractive in the new language, but without losing its original structure and its particularities. Therefore, the author must accompany each step of the work.

We know that novel translation makes it possible for your book and its story to be taken to the world. For this reason, all of our translation services are carried out with extreme professionalism and taking into account each of your needs.

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Quality translation and revision of subtitles of your lecture or online course.

Video subtitling service is widely used in institutional videos, testimonials, documentaries, films, video classes and training. It is a service in which the translation is done in a meticulous way, there is the insertion and synchronization of the texts according to the images and audios shown in the video, so that the meaning is directed in an adapted way, without losing the original meaning of the message. .

Several companies, of different segments and sizes, use the subtitling services in team training, when they need presentations that are produced in other languages ​​or in internal lectures for their employees.

For the subtitling service to be done correctly, it must be performed by a  specialized translator, with advanced knowledge both in the source language and in the language for which the subtitling will be done. In addition, it is necessary to be familiar with the special jargon in each area of ​​the market, so that the message is conveyed with the greatest possible clarity and assertiveness.

Translators who perform subtitling services also need a high level of concentration and special attention for each word they transcribe, since the subtitle must be in accordance with the phrase's time in the audio and, especially, with its original meaning. 

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Conselho de Controle de Vídeo

Audio and Video Transcription

Efficiency is one of the main characteristics of our transcription services. Customers receive a simplified document with time-code for reference, created from an audiovisual file.

In this way, we seek to provide a high quality service based on professionalism. The intention is to offer a job that helps the client to achieve a prominent position in the market.

The quality of the transcription work helps to review the content of audiovisual presentations and to assess the need to make any changes. We allow customers to choose to keep content organized and accessible in a variety of digital formats. We help clients create versions of the transcribed content, in order to serve a wider audience.

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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is also known as consecutive translation, and is done when the speaker pauses his speeches, giving the interpreter the necessary time to insert the interpretation, that is, he does it consecutively.

This is the type of interpretation intended for a small audience, such as a meeting, factory visit, small training sessions, negotiations, lunches, etc.

Intermittent Translation

It is an alternative to Interpretation or Consecutive Translation, suitable for meetings with few participants, negotiations, lunches and other less formal occasions. Here the translator takes care of translating both the source and the target languages, fitting his speeches in the pauses of the speakers. This modality is also known by the “sentence-by-sentence” or “ping-pong” nomenclatures.

It is an intermediate and interesting solution in several ways, mainly in terms of cost.

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Translation, Transcription, revision, writing and subtitling. Access by clicking here.


Writing, translation and transcription. Click here to access.

Learn more about the founder of the Executive Assistant Online, who operates locally in Brazil, and offering the same services online for the rest of the world for English speakers.

She works as a professional freelance translator with experience in technical and novelary translations and in several niches: business, technology, health and wellness, coaching, etc. She offers proofreading, transcription, video editing and subtitling services. He holds a degree in Applied Linguistics (Portuguese - English), a postgraduate degree in Translation, Internationl Fluency Certification in English from Michigan - USA (ECPE).

Writer, Teacher and Translator for over 15 years, today she is a speaker at various events, conferences and forums for businessmen, administrative professionals and English-speaking students. She teaches English for Business online and in companies and is the author of the book "Learning to learn English". Find out more about your English school by clicking here.

Passionate about languages, technology and innovation, entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field of virtual assistance and translation and writing of various texts.

Research and current studies include technology, innovation, people management, emotional skills, NLP and coaching.

Ok, that's my formal CV. But how did I get here? What mistakes I've made and what have I learned? How many horses have I trained at the Horse University and how is this relevant to the present? Click here and read about my transformation journey!


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